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Vintage and secondhand clothes can be found in both but lots of smaller shops have opened recently, and often have the best stuff. But a nice bit of hippie chic or a smart tie is not unknown either. Now it is thronged with restaurants, bakeries and Bikram yoga studios. In short, the smart stuff is here in places such as Village Notre Dame , a sprawling indoor antiques gallery selling anything from 18th-century mirrors to antique sapphire pendants, plus rather expensive paintings, ceramics, furniture, rugs and other trimmings.

On the main Chartrons artery, rue Notre-Dame, coffee, lunch, cocktails and dinner options are plentiful. Saint-Michel is huge, and has an open-air market every Sunday 7am-2pm , and a series of shops in the Hangars open every day bar Wednesday. Sundays play out to the sound of church bells and a healthy buzz of general chat.

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The glasses of wine that start to replace coffee quite early in the day might help. For other comestibles, the Capucins food market, just minutes away, bulges with goodies of every description, and has lots of cheap-and-chic places to eat, such as Bistro Poulette , which serves moules-frites. Sophie Kevany. Start any retro adventure at the Naschmarkt , the food market that has been running since the 18th century, but which since the s has held a flea market every Saturday morning, with stalls selling clothes, furniture, art, jewellery, old vinyl, books, cameras, tableware and ceramics.


What makes shopping here so special is that he loves helping customers create a look from his collection of vintage couture. There is something for every budget, from lesser-known designers to big-ticket items from Chanel, Prada, Moschino and Valentino. Flo Vintage , in the arty Freihausviertel district on the other side of the Naschmarkt, often supplies costumes for theatre, films and TV from a classic collection spanning a century of design up to the s.

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Una, professional photographer, founder and editor of blog Vienna Insider Looking for a holiday with a difference? Browse Guardian Holidays to see a range of fantastic trips. The smaller but still hopping Hakaniemi market to the north, in front of the Hakaniemi market hall, is also chock-full of fun, only-in-Finland finds, such as Arabia ceramics , vintage Finland travel posters and Iittala glass.

The Kallio neighbourhood has the highest concentration of stores.

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Locals hire space to sell their stuff, so every rack is an adventure. Relove has a back room for used designer wares, a charming coffee shop and Finn-centric pop-ups in the front. Extreme bargains can be found at the UFF 12 branches and Fida eight branches charity shops that dot the city and which are stuffed with finds from furniture to glassware to clothes. The young and beautiful wore them rejoicing, bandaging their heads with jersey, satin or velvet in lines which extended the shape of the head at the back.

The short evening dress divided into two main types. There were the day-length dresses, usually narrow sheaths, with strapless, halter or camisole tops covered by matching boleros in dark colors, for wearing at the theater or the restaurant dinner. And then there were the short dancing dresses, with bouffant skirts falling to around ten inches from the ground.

These last began to be seen at young weddings sometimes for the bride, but more often for the bridesmaids.

Advertisement There were two types, also, among the full evening dresses: the slender and the wide-skirted again to suit the wearer and the occasion. The trend for shoulder straps continued, with a special feeling for the one-strap decolletage, and the halter neck, but the strapless look remained firmly established especially for crinoline dresses.

Cocktail clothes began to change character through the introduction of softer fabrics notably lace and crepe. In the matter of fabrics, there were many developments to celebrate. The slub weaves were supreme: the Donegals, the nubbly woolens and linens; the shantungs. Tweeds swept the field for autumn: sophisticated pebbly tweeds which came to town in a big way especially in black and white. Fabrics and designs somewhat eclipsed in recent years, but now staging a spectacular come-back, were chiffon, crepe, lace and all the prints: notably dark motifs on a dark ground, blurred flower prints, and a striking series of prints with fur markings which brought prints well into the winter picture. In colors the chief basic shade was grey, especially in its darker reaches; all the sherry colors from pale to dark; the butter colors, the blonds.

There were innumerable greens, ranging from palest almond through olive to bottle and fir green. White carried off special honors: white pleated crepe for day, white lace for afternoon; a cloud of white dancing dresses, long and short; white coats over dark dresses; little round white snowball jackets; and white touches by the million including white hats and not only for high summer, but far into the winter.

There were good blues in the turquoise and Chinese range, with peacock and kingfisher for accents. Formal shoes became even lighter and more delicate, till they were only held to the foot by a cobweb of straps. Stoles multiplied and flourished, in every fabric for every occasion: the newest being ring stoles, just shoulder width, in everything from fur to lace. Blouses became so important that they emerged from under the shelter of suits and functioned on their own, linked with their skirts by beautiful belts.

Bolder designs and colors on shirts, socks and ties were to be seen in even the most conservative quarters. The fashionable double-breasted lounge suit had the jacket in button-2, show-3 style, with fairly long collar and lapels. Sleeves, often, carried turn-back cuffs, and the trousers had no turn-ups. In single-breasted suits, the vogue was for a rather low-waisted, button- 1 style.

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The shoulders were wide and sloping and the pockets were cut straight or slightly on the slant. Trousers were quite narrow. For leisure wear, the corduroy jacket was much in favor. With side vents and jetted pockets, it was worn with worsted trousers with deep turn-ups. Crepe-soled suede shoes and a light-weight cap or a hat matching the color of the jacket completed the picture.

The once utilitarian raincoat came into its own as a fashionable garment. Tailored in several new proofed materials, in a variety of shades, and with a detachable lining for the cold weather, it took the place of the wool overcoat in many quarters, as the correct attire. About half of the men still wore hats. Hemlines, waistlines and hairlines all grew shorter. The waistline relaxed from the hipped tiny span that accompanied the full silhouette of the two previous years.

The semi-fitted suit with a narrow jacket very slightly indented at the waist and the form-fitting sheath dress were introduced. Many dresses were beltless, although wide sashes and draped cummerbunds were popular. Skirt lengths aroused world-wide controversy in the media. This was typical of fashion though. The hemline gradually moved up one inch per year every five years and then it moved back down and started all over again.