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How to help your child manage their anger

Praise for the author: 'Deborah Plummer uses imagination and empowerment to move children and adults from discouragement to success. As a psychologist it was refreshing to see a solution-focused approach being used to anger management, with an emphasis on facilitators reflecting on their practice and their own emotional needs This is an incredibly useful and practical resource for those setting out to successfully use games in anger management work with children. DebateThis handbooks is designed to help adults understand and manage children's anger.

It includes games and activities that encourage children aged between five and 12 to express their emotions in a healthy way. Children and Young People NowDeborah M Plummer's practical guide is packed full of easy-to-learn games that will help teachers to understand and manage children's anger. Junior Education Education PlusThere are many good ideas here that can be dipped in and out or added to your current repertoire ideas.

NASEN SpecialAdults are encouraged to use the games mindfully, making sure they are aware of the possible effects exploring sensitive issues with vulnerable children. Ideas for reflection after each activity prompt children to make sense of the feelings generated by the game they have played. The games are simple to play and clearly explained, with symbols indicating the time required and the recommended age. The games range from five to 60 minutes' duration, and mostly require no extra resources, which make them an invaluable resource for any adult who works with children aged The SignThis book is divided into two parts.

The first explores the theory around anger, with chapters on understanding anger: why games are used to support healthy anger management; structuring the emotional environment when a child is already angry, and self-reflection and self-care for workers. I really enjoyed the common sense approach the author uses in this section. She explains anger as a normal, healthy human emotion, and clearly describes the chemistry involved in experiencing and expressing anger.

Children Young People NowThis book helps adults to understand, manage and reflect on children's anger. Featuring a wealth of games, it is designed to foster successful anger management strategies for children aged It covers the theory behind the games, and includes a broad range of activities: active and passive, verbal and non-verbal, and for different sized groups. Understanding Anger 3. Structuring the Emotional Environment. When a Child is Already Angry. Self-Reflection and Self-Care.

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Part Two: Games for Anger Management. Warm-Ups and Ice-Breakers.

How to Make an Anger Catcher

When I'm Angry: Responses and Consequences. You and Me: Empathy. Got It! Solving Problems.

Anger Management Tips for Children

Wind-Downs and Celebrations. Useful Resources. Subject Index.

Author Index. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published March 15th by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. More Details Frustration and anger can quickly turn into defiance, disrespect, aggression, and temper tantrums if your child doesn't know how to deal with his emotions. When left unchecked, aggression in childhood, such as fighting, spitting , and teasing, has been linked to academic problems, peer rejections, and poor mental health in adulthood.

If your child has trouble taming her temper, these five strategies can teach her anger management skills:. Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. But many kids struggle to understand the difference between angry feelings and aggressive behavior. Sometimes, aggressive behavior stems from a variety of uncomfortable feelings, like sadness or embarrassment. Talk about feelings often and over time, your child will learn to recognize his feelings better. The best way to teach your child how to deal with anger is by showing him how you deal with your emotions when you feel angry.

If your child watches you lose your temper, he'll likely do the same. But, if he sees you cope with your feelings in a kinder, gentler way, he'll pick up on that too. Take responsibility for your behavior when you lose your cool in front of your kids. Apologize and discuss what you should have done instead. I should have gone for a walk to cool off when I was angry instead of raising my voice. Create written household rules that outline your expectations.

Address areas such as physical aggression , name-calling, and destruction of property so that your child understands he can't throw things, break things or lash out verbally or physically when he's mad. Try to keep talking to a minimum if your child is having a meltdown, and keep your language simple. Give your child the space and time they need to calm down. Children who struggle with anger can have a hard time at school. A safe, quiet space can be invaluable for children who struggle with their temper.

Being able to retreat to the library, the staffroom or just the corridor can help them rein their feelings in, particularly for children with sensory issues who can feel overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the classroom. Likewise, having a trusted adult who they can talk to or just sit with in silence can be a big help.

Most children will learn to control their temper as they get older and more experienced in using their coping strategies.

Anger Management Games For Children

This may be the case if:. Through CAMHS, you may be able to access services such as parenting courses, family therapy and anger management workshops for your child. Clinical Partners offers nationwide private mental health services for children, adults, families and businesses. Call or visit www. Start your trial for FREE today!

click Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. Anger management strategies could help them get their emotions under control. Login or Register to add to my wishlist. Preventing angry outbursts How you teach your child to cope with anger will depend on their age and whether they have issues such as SEN or emotional and behavioural difficulties, but most children can be given strategies to help them manage their temper.

This may be the case if: Their behaviour is putting themselves or others in danger.