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There were six other patients there, so the room was a little cramped. It was a little uncomfortable for her, but my wife did not mind. While looking at the pitiful condition of all the other patients, we slowly understood why God brought us there.

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One of the patients in the ward, Ate Emma, lost her baby while she was giving birth. We both felt her pain, so we took that chance to pray for her and encourage her. What she went through was not easy, but we reminded her that God is always with her, and she can seek comfort from Him anytime. Aside from Ate Emma, we also met another patient: Louie. A blood clot formed in her brain after she fell from a motorcycle. Like what we did for Ate Emma, we prayed for Louie and preached the gospel to her. After praying, my wife told me to give a portion of the money we prepared for her childbirth to the two women we met.

I was hesitant at first since we also had bills to pay and medicines to buy for our baby, but God was very clear about what He wanted us to do. After we agreed on helping the two women financially, I checked our bill and was so surprised to know that it was way lower than what we were expecting.

Even though we already gave a big chunk of what we had to Ate Emma and Louie, we were still left with more! Knowing that it was God who made it all possible, we deemed it fitting to give them all the money that was left to us. It was a bold act of faith and gratitude. Sometimes, God asks us to do something we do not understand.


It may not make sense to us right away, but we should bear in mind that He always has a plan. There is a bigger purpose for every little thing that He wants us to do. And as we obey, let us allow Him to be our Lord in every situation and in every area of our lives. On February 10, , we officially launched our church in Marilao, Bulacan, which meets every Sunday at a. Here is how our 96 th provincial church began. It all started with a vision from one of our senior pastors at Victory Meycauayan.

At first, 12 people came to hear the message, but not long after, more and more inmates came to know Christ. From 12 people, the numbers grew to 25 every week, causing the group to meet them in batches instead. Aside from reaching out to the inmates, the group also started preaching the gospel to the officers inside BJMP.

Soon, they were able to build a relationship not just with the inmates, but even with the officers. They also started holding not just Victory group meetings but Victory Weekends as well. Eventually, the families of the inmates they were ministering to saw the change in the lives of their loved ones.

They became curious and started asking for prayer requests.

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  8. The supposed one-day event of 80 people soon became a monthly gathering of families! From fast food chains to coffee shops, the group also eventually found a home in Cinema 2 of SM Marilao, where they first held their Sunday service on January 13, Truly, God can make a way for the gospel to be preached even in unlikely situations.

    Let us pray for more lives to be changed in this part of the province. Naj used to work in a company where almost all employees have temporary or project-based contracts. She already left two years ago, but God somehow brought her back to the same workplace.

    This year, God surprised her by showing exactly what His plan was all along. I am an engineer by profession.


    I used to work in a company where almost all employees have project-based contracts. Two years ago, I left that company and found myself in another firm that has regularization options for their staff. My new company is near Victory Pioneer, so when I transferred there, I started to become active in church again. I volunteered for the ushering ministry, and everything seemed to be going well. Until I got an unexpected call from my former company last year.

    I was told through phone that my former company is hiring again, and it hopes to employ those who used to work there before. Knowing its regularization process, I was settled to say no. So I prayed hard to God and asked Him to help me decide. A few months later, I got a call again from my former company. Instead of a temporary contract, they offered probationary employment.


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    It was something I never thought was even possible. During our mid-year prayer and fasting week last year, I asked for clear direction from God.

    When I accepted the offer and started working again in my former company, God slowly revealed to me why I was brought back there. I remembered that it was in that office where I was reached out by a former colleague. Just a few months before I resigned in , a workmate invited me to join their group. When I came back, I found out that the old group that I used to join two years ago is still there and active. Before, I was the only female in our team, but now, there are a lot of female employees in our company—and they are also in need of someone who will minister to them.

    God made it clear to me that being planted in that office is more than just a job, but an avenue to fulfill His purpose. Aside from giving me the privilege to advance His kingdom by sharing His Word to others, God also answered a little prayer in my heart. On January 11, right after the prayer and fasting week , my manager informed me of my regularization in the company.

    It was like God taking away every bit of doubt and worry in my heart and just reassuring me that He is with me as I obey. There is nothing sweeter than that. God always has a bigger plan for everything. And we also have a purpose that is way bigger than what our jobs entail. It is a job like no other; it is humbling, and it is very much fulfilling. On January 20, we officially launched our church in Culion, Palawan, which meets every Sunday at 10 a. Here is the inspiring story of how our 95th provincial church began. Culion is a municipality in the province of Palawan. It is a former leprosarium that was declared leprosy-free by the World Health Organization in A couple, who is a surgeon and a pediatrician by profession from Victory Bacoor, was called to serve on the island in Upon arriving there, the couple came across people from Victory U-Belt and immediately started gathering together in Victory groups.

    They used to meet once a month, but not long after, their once-a-month meetings turned into weekly gatherings, with more people joining them every time.

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    As they continued to fellowship with other believers, the couple felt the need for Victory to plant a church there so they could grow together in faith and reach out to more people. With this in mind, the couple went to Manila and consulted with Victory Bacoor and Pastor Jon Naron, who leads our provincial churches. Victory Bacoor sent a team in to prepare the way for church planting.

    The weekly gatherings were initially held in homes, but eventually, they were held in an eatery, whose owner is also a Christian. Though the place was small, it did not hinder them from gathering every week and building each other up in faith.