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Then Isaiah made another statement regarding the latter days.

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It seems to me that he almost lived more in our day than the time when he was here upon the earth, because he saw so much of what would transpire. Thousands can testify how they have been gathered from foreign lands to these valleys of the mountains where this beautiful temple is. Just imagine the Saints starting to build an edifice like that when they had nothing but their hands with which to build it, and were a thousand miles from transportation.

One of the first things that President Brigham Young did when they entered into this valley, a wilderness, was to put his cane on the spot where this temple was to be built. Well, Isaiah saw all of that thousands of years ago, and that is another of the preparatory things that the prophets have foreseen that were to precede His second coming.

President Kimball spoke of that in his opening address.


I doubt if we have any conception of what that really meant, when Elijah came. There are unseen powers that operate in this world on the hearts and minds of men that are as real as the sunshine is to the plants and the trees to help them grow, and the seeds to sprout, and so forth.

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Elijah did come; on the third day of April he appeared to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in the Kirtland Temple and brought back the keys of the turning of the hearts of the fathers who have passed away to their children here upon this earth, and the hearts of the children here to their fathers, and that in itself is one of the great miracles of all ages.

At that time there were no genealogical societies in the world, and now they are all over the world; and not only that but I had a newspaper that came to me from Indianapolis the other day and the whole front page of the paper was about the gathering of genealogy. It told about our Genealogical Department out here, and I checked with Brother Burton, and we have over employees in that department, 80 men that are microfilming the records all over this land and in Europe.

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Then we have these great vaults out here in these granite mountains where these films are preserved. There is nothing like it in the world. And if you stop to figure how many people it took to prepare the 4 million volumes of genealogy that we have in our library here, then you will realize that the Spirit is moving on them all over the world. When I was down in the South as president of the mission, one of our new converts went into the library hunting genealogy, and he found one of their family names prepared by a judge and his wife over in Texas, and the preface read like this:.

Why we have done it we do not know, but we trust in the providences of the Lord that it will someday serve a useful purpose.

God Moves in a Mysterious Way

I could tell you more stories like that to show you how the Spirit is moving upon the people of this world to gather their genealogy preparatory to the work that we can do in our temples. Then just think of the thousands of people that are working in our temples day by day.

All of that is a part of this great and marvelous work that Elijah was to come and bring. I was over in Israel a few years ago and one day we went into three of the synagogues there. We traded the certain for the unexpected — the comfortable for a season of challenging adjustments.

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We were part of a culture that we loved and understood — one that accepted us and called us its own. Our house sat on a small patch of land, nestled among misty, blue mountains, and offering picturesque views of amazing sunsets. Simple beauty was within reach with waterfalls and forests, apple orchards and bubbling streams.

From a human perspective, trading such comfort and beauty for the unknown made absolutely no sense.

God Moves in Mysterious Ways

I spent hours moving the puzzle pieces around trying to discern the picture He was drawing, but His wisdom eluded me every time. I tried logical reasoning until my brain ached, only to realize that no matter how much I analyzed my circumstances the results always ended in the mysterious. The most remarkable part of experiencing this frustration was coming to a clearer understanding that His thoughts are not my thoughts and His ways are beyond my understanding Is As God guides me by His Spirit, He often calls me down roads which look way too risky from a human perspective. He sometimes leads me through doors that are extremely narrow, while adjacent ones are wide open and beckoning for me to enter.

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He many times directs my steps on paths that are uncertain, while alongside them lay trails that promise ease. He allows trials and suffering to grow me into the likeness of His Son; I want to cling to comfort and the familiar so that I can relax and simply enjoy my life.

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He wants to test my character so that I become mature and complete, lacking in nothing Js. In my flesh, I want to see the world from a merely physical point of view, storing up earthy treasures so I have a sense of security and power. He wants me to surrender my whole being — body, soul, and mind — to His will so so that He can use my life to bear much fruit and glorify His name Jn.

However, I struggle with wanting to be in control, so that I can receive the praise and honor of people rather than giving the glory to God.