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Footnotes: 2 Corinthians beat. Cross references: 2 Corinthians : Num. Bible Gateway Recommends.

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Kodak Black - In The Flesh [Official Audio]

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He seems smaller, and Kieren fights off the urge to tell him that everything's alright. That he can't stay mad at him, really, so Simon has nothing to worry about. A little vignette of Kieren struggling to paint a self-portrait, and a moment between him and his mum. His older brother rises from the grave, and along with him the feelings Richard have been repressing for God knows how long come back to life. Simon loves making Kieren feel good. He loves listening to the noises he can pull out of Kieren. But it's incredibly distracting and Simon knows he made a mistake.

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Rick and Kieren's conversation about what happened after Rick left. The first of many emotional re-writes of scenes from the show.