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The dance of course is of the seven veils. In the Covent Garden production she dances on a stage that turns from left to right and she visually goes from right to left through moving doors and other objects, a direct visual representation of her having sex with Herod, being initiated to and penetrating in the realm of adult sex.

But her language is a lot richer than just that one symbolical reference.

When Jokanaan comes out Salome describes him in three successive steps, the first two addressed to the Young Syrian in the third person and the last to Jokanaan in the second person. They are like the black caverns of Egypt in which the dragons make their lairs. Each one has a negative dimension. The first is the result of a destructive human action.

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The third does not reveal the danger inside, but the disruption that comes from outside, the moons. In the French version the ternary structure is expanded at the level of its second element by a mere repetition which doubles the dragons up and gives them more power. He is like a thin ivory statue.

He is like an image of silver. I am sure he is chaste as the moon is. He is like a moonbeam, like a shaft of silver. I would look closer at him.

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I will not have her look at me. Wherefore doth she look at me with her golden eyes under her gilded eyelids. I know not who she is. I do not desire to know who she is. Bid her begone. The comparison shows the meaning targeted by Oscar Wilde. Salome : Speak again, Jokanaan.

Thy voice is like music to mine ear. Speak again, Jokanaan, and tell me what I must do. The text is music and the music of the text is signifying. But let us get into the numerical structure of her discourse. Each time Jokanaan rejects her, these three rejections and the two antecedent ones being:.

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Jokanaan : [Back! Daughter of Babylon!

See a Problem?

Touch me not. Daughter of Sodom! Jokanaan is the perfect Jew, the perfect Zealot he was and the perfect Christian he is announcing. With the mouth and lips Salome will react differently, blocked in her desire. Salome : Thy body is white like the lilies of a field that the mower hath never mowed. Thy body is white like the snows that lie on the mountains of Judea and come down into the valleys.

The roses of the garden of the Queen of Arabia are not so white as thy body Neither the roses of the garden of the Queen of Arabia the garden of spices of the Queen of Arabia nor the feet of the dawn when they light the leaves nor the breast of the moon when she lies on the breast of the sea There is nothing in the world as white as thy body.

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The last numerical pattern is used, among many others of the same type, by Fritz Lang in Metropolis, always with the same meaning of the association of a diabolical monster and the Semitic number of Solomon. Salome : Thy body is hideous. It is like the body of a leper. It is like a plastered wall where vipers have crawled like a plastered wall where the scorpions have made their nest It is like a whitened sepulchre full of loathsome things It is horrible, thy body is horrible. The positive vision is more complex or maybe more chaotic or perverted.

I will pass to remain within the limits of this article.


But Frank Wedekind had also used the moon and other entities in a similar way in the Lulu plays , , Salome : Thy hair is horrible It is covered with mire and dust It is like a knot of serpents coiled round thy neck. We get to six by adding these three double elements, but we also get to six by counting the two double elements expanded to three, which then brings the total to eight, the second coming, the apocalypse that Jokanaan represents and preaches.

Note the two binary structures expanded to three contain the single double that is not expanded. Theresa rated it liked it Apr 28, Lily rated it it was ok Aug 05, Juli rated it really liked it Feb 10, Sophia rated it really liked it Jan 12, Ana Gonhe rated it really liked it May 20, Arwen rated it did not like it Jan 31, Laura rated it liked it Jun 02, Andrea rated it liked it Aug 05, Kathi rated it did not like it Apr 13, Isis Badillo rated it liked it Dec 07, Carina rated it did not like it Jun 28, Monika rated it liked it Dec 05, Anna rated it liked it May 22, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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