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It just brought me to tears that this world will be without such an awesome soul. My heart goes out to her family and to Cali.


I watched Leah and her gf Cali on YouTube. Two beautiful souls,who make the world a better place. The love that bounces through the phone to my heart,incredible. Leah was a star that will always twinkle. My heart goes out you Cali,and her friends and family. I signed as a friend because you both are the kind of friends I'd want.

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Even though I never met Leah like many others who watched her channel I feel the sorrow. She touched my heart with her personality and uniqueness. Im so sorry to hear of her passing. The world is less beautiful without her. I wish her many friends and family comfort. She resided in Los Angeles, California at the time of her passing.

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Leah Patterson-Baker

Not sure what to say? May God bless you and your May your hearts soon be filled May the love of friends and As the days and weeks pass, and Campbell said he "teared up" while watching the funeral scenes because he felt personally responsible because he decided to leave. He also said the only "plausible exits" for Dan were to be either killed off or have Dan being unfaithful to Leah. In early Nicodemou revealed that Leah would have a new relationship.

Leah starts dating Roman Harris Conrad Coleby , Nicodemou said it is good for her and it was nice to see her "thinking of herself for a while". Though she noted that Leah stays true to herself and faces the realism of life and the problems she encounters. Nicodemou stated that it is more important for Leah do deal with that side of her life, "rather than just part of a relationship". In , the serial embarked on a racism storyline which saw Leah go through a series of changes.

Nicodemou claimed she was interested in the storyline because it was different from anything she had done previously, she also revealed that she was pleased they had decided to deal with the issue because she could relate to the issue. Speaking to TV Week Nicomedou discussed the impact on Leah stating: "The anxiety makes [Leah] question her job at the Diner and a whole range of stuff. Basically, she doesn't want to leave her house and her friends are really worried about her. She's usually full of heart and spirit.

She's always been a real fighter" but the ordeal strips everything away from her and she cannot even cope with looking after VJ. In November , it was announced that Jay Laga'aia had been cast into the serial to play Elijah Johnson , a new local reverend and a new potential love interest for Leah. Speaking to Sunrise she stated: "There's a whole lot of love in the Bay and I get a love interest.

It's nice and it's really fun and happy and comedy - a lot of warm and fuzzy moments. It's Jay Laga'aia and I'm loving working with him as well. It's all happy times ahead. We're moving away from the darker storylines into lighter stuff.

However, Elijah later returns to Summer Bay following time in Africa. Leah is "very upset" because she was looking forward to seeing him again and "exploring her feelings for him".

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Nicodemou insisted that Leah and Eljiah would not be reconciling their relationship. While Leah "fell very hard" and formed a life and future with Elijah, she would never take him back as a married man. Eljah "hurt her too many times" and VJ was also caught up in the heartbreak, so she would do "anything to protect her son from getting hurt" again. Quong Tart said Miles is "more surprised than anyone that it happens.

Leah is shocked but once the confession starts to sink in she wonders whether they could work as a couple. She begins to consider making a go of it with him. In August , Leah discovers she is pregnant. When she does realise she's pregnant, she doesn't want it. That might be an unpopular choice for most people and it can be hard to understand where Leah is coming from, but she doesn't want to be put in that situation at all. She's not happy about being pregnant. Leah took that badly and it made her decide not to have children again.

Nicodemou said Leah is not thinking about marriage at that stage of their relationship. This left viewers unsure whether or not the couple would remain together. A spokesperson for the serial said that "Leah can't cope. She blames Miles for going through [ Leah also feels guilty for initially suggesting she have an abortion. Nicodemou told TV Week that Leah believes that she should set Miles free because she does not want him to miss out on being a father again. Miles has a "total shock" when Leah gives him an ultimatum.

She also sees ending their relationship as an "easy option" rather than dealing with her "guilt and grief". Leah runs off from her wedding to Ted Harry Pavlidis , she arrives in Summer Bay in her wedding dress where she meets Vinnie.

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Vinnie's father Ralph Alan Cinis scams him, he is convicted and sent to prison. Whilst in prison Vinnie dies leaving Leah to cope alone.

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  6. Leah later finds out Vinnie is alive and on witness protection. Leah's brother Alex Danny Raco also comes to live with her. Leah then begins a relationship with Jesse McGregor Ben Unwin , they remain together in a good relationship. Leah then acts as a surrogate mother for Sally, giving birth to Pippa Saunders Mia Fitzpatrick , but when she hands the child over to Sally, Jesse cannot deal with it and ends their relationship.

    They later marry, when they plan to emigrate to America Dan heads out first to search for a perfect home for their family and to start his new job. Whilst abseiling Dan has a tragic accident and dies off-screen, leaving Leah devastated again. Leah begins a new relationship with Hazem Kassir but it is cut short when he is accused of being a terrorist and is severely beaten up by racist drunks who set the diner alight. Hazem is hospitalized and later transferred to another hospital in the city.

    Leah becomes depressed and scared to leave her house because of her fear. Her friends rally around her and help her through. She meets Elijah and begins a relationship with him and they become engaged. During this time Leah feels that she needs to help Brax and so she does.

    Leah gets in contact with King and gives him the money that Brax owes him in exchange for leaving Brax alone. After this Brax finds out and tells Leah that he doesn't owe King any money and that he was just bluffing. So Brax feels bad that he owes Leah money so he says to her that he will pay her back when he gets the money. To pay her back, Brax begins to cage fight and Leah finds out and is unhappy but Brax continues to fight until he gives her all the money.

    During this, time Leah helps him when he gets beat up and while helping him she starts to fall for him. Leah know that she should move on so she eventually joins an online dating site and goes out with a guy but finds him boring. Months later, she and VJ return to Summer Bay, only to be greeted with a broken window in her home and heard a sound and grabbed a frying pan and saw it was Kyle Braxton Nic Westaway , Zac and Natalie's housemate and apologized for scaring him, but he revealed that he was just going to see someone.

    Kyle later moved out and Casey's girlfriend Tamara Kingsley moved in, hoping to get her memories back. Most of the members of the Bay get on a bus and head to the location where Phoebe Nicholson will perform. However, on the way there Sophie heading towards the Bay with Nate tries to get out of the car and Nate swerves to avoid crashing into the bus. The bus rolls down a hill and Leah is thrown out of the bus and is the last person found.

    She is quickly transferred to a hospital in the city, after not waking up. VJ is told that she can not breathe on her own and most likely will not wake.

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    VJ then tells Zac that he will move in with his grandmother so he could be close to his mum, but just as they are about to move out, Leah wakes up. Leah starts to act strangely and confides in Nate about her experience in hospital.

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    She is then diagnosed with an aneurysm and needs surgery to fix it, but she refuses to as she doesn't want to put her family in anymore turmoil. She then runs away into the bush and falls. The bay residents search for her and find her unconscious. She then decides to have the surgery. During surgery, some complications occur and she goes into cardiac arrest.

    The brain surgeon, Sean Gleeson feels bad and beats himself up for it, but Hannah Wilson reassures him that it wasn't his fault. Leah manages to survive the surgery. Zac then proposes to Leah with a romantic gesture on the beach in front of everyone. She says no, but VJ convinces her to marry him and she then proposes to him at home and they become engaged. They later marry but during the wedding ceremony, Zac's ex-girlfriend Charlotte King Erika Heynatz interrupted the ceremony and threaten to reveal other people's secrets.

    Nicodemou has received several award nominations for her performance as Leah. In her book Soap Stars , Debbie Foy refers to Leah as having lived through several dramatic episodes. They said "Vinnie was the local goofball working as a stripper. Leah was the responsible Greek girl.