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The device that contained the speaker and the microphone was contained in a lightweight styrofoam box. To make sure it wasn't the box itself that transmitted the sound, the device had to be isolated from the box. Gad constructed a special lightweight structure to hold the speaker and the microphone and to isolate them from each other physically. The experiment was going well, and once it reached an altitude of about 33 kilometers Experiment over.

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At that altitude, the air is much less dense. According to the data, at that altitude, the screams were barely audible. Some of the payload's electronics failed on the way down. It was outfitted with three tracking systems, but two failed during its parachute-slowed descent. Luckily, the third tracking system, Android's Find My Phone app, was still functioning. Gad's former lecturer at Brunel who originally inspired him to launch the balloon.

But as the minutes passed it started to read it more and more accurately — and then it pin-pointed it right here, in the middle of a field. The experiment gathered some other data, too.

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On-board sensors measured carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide as it ascended. It also measured ozone concentrations as it rose through the ozone layer.

But mostly, it was about the screaming. And according to the team, it had stopped screaming by the time it reached the ground, unscathed.

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Smith, who first broadcast the results — now available on the Naked Scientists podcast — of the project on Tuesday evening. I think I've probably suffered irreparable hearing damage because of this. This article is republished from Universe Today under a Creative Commons license.

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It takes government from the hands of the people, and delivers it into the hands of those whose sole interest is the profit of themselves and of those they are most closely affiliated with i. These forces in mind, the American public is pitted against its national enemies, its political defectors, the media, big business, the Federal government, and itself.

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Opportunely, in a democracy people do have a voice, if they choose to use it. A voice not used is a voice stolen. We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Complexity introduces risk in ways that are hard to predict. The more complex a system is, the easier it becomes for adversaries to attack, and the harder it becomes for defenders to defend. In my year career in intelligence and cybersecurity, I have seen some complex enterprises, but I cannot think of an enterprise more complex than those supporting modern space operations.

If you are in the business, you know the complexity first hand. Satellites, planetary probes, and manned platforms all require precision engineering and embedded computer and communications systems that must function with extreme reliability. Communications to and from space objects require well engineered ground stations with specialized communications equipment and extreme security to make sure only authorized commands are processed by the space object. Depending on the mission of the space object, communications down may also need these extreme levels of security. Adding to this complexity is the fact that no space object stays within the airspace of any particular nation.

Space is a domain where no nation has ownership and all nations may operate.

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And space objects, depending on their function and orbits, may spend large portions of their orbit within communication range of sophisticated adversaries that may seek to disrupt or damage or deceive them while in operation. There are many other complexities, including the fact that most of all modern space activities are international, supported by broad coalitions of companies and countries.

The supply chains required for any space project are extensive and global.

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