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The main page shows you all the Stories that your followers have posted, but you can also search for other users in the search bar. Select the photo or video you want and then tap Save. The photo will show up in the StorySaver folder when you are looking at your photos. For instructions on how to do this and more, see our complete guide to using Instagram Stories.

Perhaps the easiest is to use StoryDownloader , a website dedicated to the task, as its name clearly implies.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver

Tap the download button to save it to your computer. Alternately, Chrome users can install the extension Downloader for Instagram. This puts a wrapper around Instagram. You can quickly download individual story images and videos, or the entire story which will be saved as a. It also looks like a good tool for backing up your entire Instagram account, and lets you set a range of posts to download. For the security-conscious, be aware that Downloader for Instagram comes with a rather terrifying-sounding permissions warning. The extension can read any data on websites you visit, change your bookmarks, and manage downloads, extensions, and themes.

Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Don't Miss. Social Media A new Senate bill would fundamentally change the internet as we know it A new bill in the U. Senate could cause the internet as we know it to cease to exist by holding major tech companies like Facebook or YouTube liable for anything posted on their platforms. Posted 2 weeks ago — By Allison Matyus. Posted 20 hours ago — By Timothy Taylor.

Posted 1 day ago — By Timothy Taylor. His eyes dropped to the swell of her chest and rested there until he realised where he was looking and so he raised his eyes again and saw a mocking expression on her face and so he closed his eyes altogether in panic, and covered them with his hands. She had defeated him, without speaking or moving, she had bested him. Maybe she was a witch after all, a piseog, or a fairy queen.

Slowly, he lowered his hands. I know enough about you. That you got into some kind of trouble. That you have wounded feet. That you lie down in fields. That you call out for your mother in your sleep. Until I heard you snoring. It mattered not one bit to me which or whether.

In fact it would have been easier had you been dead.

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He noticed then a notebook on the table, open to a blank page, and a pen beside it nibbed and inked. He felt as he had when the rector of the college called him to his office. As though he was being studied, like he was a new species, something to be taken apart and looked at from the inside out. He felt his temper rising, from his stomach to his chest to his head, a sick and burning feeling, and he tried to damp it, to clamp himself shut.

He looked past her and up at the mahogany cupboards with their glass fronts, and he noticed for the first time the height of the ceiling, the size of the kitchen, the depth of the bay of the window and the thickness of the curtains. He saw no sign of a Sacred Heart or a Blessed Virgin. It was a Protestant house, he suddenly knew.

He rose to leave.

I have to be away now. I thank you for your hospitality and for attending to my feet. She seemed taken aback by the abruptness of this, and her eyebrows moved upwards, and something flashed in her eyes, and her mouth opened as though she was about to speak, and her lips, he noticed, were red and full, and her eyes now were the colour of the farthest part of the sea, the blue just below the horizon, and her hair was coming loose again and a strand of it was curled against her cheek, and something happened in his chest, some kind of tightening, and his head felt woolly and his lips were dry, and he wanted to sit back down but now that he had stood he could see no way back to his previous position and his two feet burned beneath him and neither of them would move for him.

Short Story: Read the Instructions – Christian Perspective

What kind of a person sets off walking from Wexford to Tipperary? What sort of an impulse overtook you? There was no going back. And so he stayed. And she told him what her notebook was for. She was writing a play and had all the tools to do so except for one: an idea. She was going to Paris to live on the left bank of the Seine, to be among bohemian people, who had a different sensibility to the people she lived among now. She wanted to hear his story, all the things that happened to him up to the point where he had lain down beneath a willow tree to die. So he told her all the things about himself that he could think of that might interest her.

Every day she wore the same blue dress. It never seemed to crease or grow shabby or worn. A round and red-faced lady cooked for them and did for them each morning and evening and she spoke little but when she did her voice was soft and refined, and he grew ashamed of his frayed clothes and awkward manners and his accent that must have seemed strange and rough.

Please, Michael, stay. He was after twisting his back and had hardly the use of himself at all.

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The man dropped him near Nenagh and wished him a peaceful Christmas and sent regards to his parents and his family and he walked the final miles as the sun reached halfway along its short winter arc. And finally he stood at the cross of the four roads at the top of the hill and looked down into the valley. A neighbour drew beside him in an ass-drawn car, a man who laboured summers for his father years before.

A Christmas babby, begod. Have you no bag? And he hupped the ass and gave him a lick of the switch on his matted rump and they moved off across the brow of the hill and down into the valley.

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Go on ahead without me. Simply fill them with newspaper to help pull out the moisture. Before the shoes have dried completely you can tuck in shoe trees to make sure they return to their proper shape. Remember to give them some love with shoe polish or spray depending on the type of leather or suede once they are dry. Special agents for salt stains are available from shoemakers.

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We have leather soles on some of our shoes. Be kind to them and have your local shoemaker add a rubber sole if you plan to use them as everyday shoes in a cold, rainy or snowy climate. We make some of our shoes using vegetable tanned leather. Each pair is hand-made and because this is a natural material it may have variations in colour and shade, which is a sign of quality.

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Over time your wear and tear may darken the leather and give it a personal touch and fantastic fit. Avoid placingt leather shoes in direct sunlight since it can have a fading effect and dry them out. Renew the colour as necessary with specialist sprays in similar shades to the original leather — ask your local shoemaker for advice.

We recommend that you test the spray on the least visible place on the shoe to make sure the colour matches. New leather or suede shoes need to be treated before use so they are better protected against dirt and rainy days. Smooth and shiny leather should be conditioned with polish while a water repellent spray is the best choice for suede and dull leather. For the best results, always use the correct shine and condition products for each material. If the leather seems shinier than before a treatment you can use a rubber brush to rub it and restore its matte appearance.

follow site Once you have the correct products avoid applying too much cream as the leather will not be able to breathe. Remember to wipe with the grain of leather to avoid ruining it. To clean dirt off a bag, wipe off with warm, soapy water using a damp cloth. This also applies to uncoloured lenses. All metal parts on our eyewear are also nickel tested.

The ability of the lens to transmit visual light, meaning how tinted the lens is, is divided into filter categories for different usage. Please note that sunglasses are not intended for direct viewing of the sun, e. Within our higher price range we are proud to offer frames made from cellulose acetate, which is considered the highest quality plastic material for eyewear. Derived from renewable resources, acetate is a hypoallergenic nylon-based material providing superior durability and flexibility while remaining lightweight.

Each pair of acetate sunglasses is handcrafted with great attention to detail and the result is a high quality product with luxurious gloss. To take good care of your sunglasses we recommend that you clean them with a soft, dry and lint free cloth and store them in a dust bag or eyewear case when not used to minimize the risk of impact damage. We know that these products have a tendency to end up on windowsills and radiators, but for best results do try to keep them away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Treating your makeup brushes to a clean every now and then will extend their life and maximise their efficiency.