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Anonymous More than 1 year ago I love the concept of this book: technology is wonderful But the execution is ham-fisted at best. Everything is on the nose and predictable while at the same time, nothing is truly fleshed out enough to feel like a good story. We don't really get to know most of the characters and in many instances pivotal moments are skipped over only to be recounted in the past tense.

Show don't tell, Mr. I really expected more from this book. Again, very interesting concept, definitely thought-provoking. But ultimately disappointing as a novel. Anonymous More than 1 year ago This book made me shiver in my skin. I fear this is where we are headed in our society and unfortunately I think many would like this life. A bit overdetailed in writing style, but overall painted a terrifying and accurate picture of a possible life years down the road.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago I found this book tedious but I was still impressed with the technological concepts. All I can say is God help us if any part of this comes to fruition. The characters for the most part were poorly developed depriving you of really getting into the feel of the book..

Even the main character, Mae, was poorly developed preventing you from having any feelings or care about the character.

The character of Annie, was just totally null and void, one dimensional.. The book rambled on page after page until you got to the point that if they added one more screen to Mae's desk you wanted to throw the book against the wall.

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For me its was a complete waste of my time. And yours too!

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago This book was very engaging with realistic characters. It reminded me of Ayn Rand and Aldous Huxley in its story. Eggers was able to apply the concept of Atlas Shrugged and Brave New world to the modern social media age and explore what it might evolve into were it to happen today with the technology available. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Eggers take on both tech as a whole and social media specifically is brilliant in this novel. While some of it becomes far fetched it is never so much so that you can't see a least a percentage chance of this future becoming a reality.

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There are a few plot holes alright, one gaping one but they pale in comparison to the brilliant social commentary that shines through. Eggers does a good job pointing out the dangers in carrying too far the Google philosophy of transparency e. Anonymous More than 1 year ago This book makes you think about just where all the social media stuff today will eventually lead us. Kind of scary! Enjoyed reading it though. Anonymous More than 1 year ago A rare gem. Dave Eggers manages to spin a cautionary tale of technological dystopia and yet make it engagingly charming and even funny.

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And like all great parables set in the future, he is really commenting on the word today. And it will make you think twice about that next social media post you make. Denisse Franco More than 1 year ago This book should be a warning for those that think technology isn't taking over our lives. I also haven't hated a character so much Mae since Bellatrix Lestrange. Anonymous More than 1 year ago A little slow I the beginning.

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It's a good read highlighting our interaction in the digital age. And where it could go I the future. WorldReader More than 1 year ago I liked some things about this book, while others didn't jibe with me. The writing is solid, as is the dialogue, characterization, and narrative; the text was, for me, generally easy to read. The story, likewise, is functional enough, and though it didn't wow me by any means, it does, I think, possess some admirable imagination and analyses plus some moments of good, above-average penmanship, and a few laughs here and there.

What really hurts 'Circle,' however, is the liberal amount of philosophy and commentary inhabiting the book, which not only inflates the page count to a point that is, in my opinion, bloated and uncomfortable, but that also works to sabotage the fictional elements. Personally, I felt to be reading a collection of essays rather than a novel and, even when I found the subject matter interesting and meaningful, I couldn't really get into it -- on the odd occasion I read a piece of fiction, I want it to read like fiction.

Thus, as far as I'm concerned, 'Circle' is, from a literary standpoint, flawed and awkward. Though, I did find some redeeming value in the book's secondary content: namely, in the sociological study it presents. Though somewhat inappropriate in its placement, the book's observations regarding the social-media epidemic and its consequences are, I think, not invalid, as to be relevant and accurate, more or less. However, beneath this lay a deeper, more profound study, of the very foundations of the social institutions in much of today's world, and the dark underbelly of assumptions and psychological distortions which often govern them.

Here, we are shown the complex, sometimes unsavory mechanics of our daily social transactions, and the potentially toxic psychological effects they can have when stripped of respect and consideration for another's basic rights. Also, the book explores such corollaries as social pretense and deceptive appearances, and yields some good insights in this vein, too.

As a result, 'Circle' presents something of an object lesson in these big, important issues; and though this might not have been the author's intention, there it is, all the same. Ultimately, there are things to be learned from the book, even if you're like me and it didn't suite your taste in fiction. My sincere thanks goes out to this book's author and publisher. I am grateful for, and have benefited from, your work. Are you saying that somehow we're all in a room somewhere, watching you, planning world domination? And that's what's so scary. Pain experienced in public, in view of loving millions, was no longer pain.

It was communion. You can control most of what anyone sees and knows. If you want to bury some piece of information, permanently, that's two seconds' work. If you want to ruin anyone, that's five minutes' work. It was slow at first and I was worried I'd end up putting this in the DNF pile, but then things really escalated and Anonymous More than 1 year ago Makes me glad I left Facebook a few years ago.

Wish Mae had been less stupid, but it is probably more accurate than her having a sudden epiphany. Good book. Scary stuff.

watch Anonymous More than 1 year ago Although The Circle by Dave Eggers initially appears utopian, readers will notice a strong dystopian aftertaste once they complete the novel. The anti-utopian novel begins by introducing the protagonist, Mae Holland, who feels unfulfilled in her current occupation.

This feeling of untapped potential spurs her to obtain a job at an Apple-esque company known as the Circle. Later on and throughout the novel a mysterious figure, known as Kalden, begins to lurk around Mae.

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One significant theme throughout The Circle is transparency. Transparency is seen both physically and metaphorically. Many of the offices and buildings on campus are completely made of glass. Eggers critiques how society has centralized social media to the point of obsession. Although transparency is central to the Circle, Mae takes pleasure in separating herself from the Circle's buzz by kayaking and appreciating the surrounding nature. In addition to transparency and social media, Eggers critiques the notion of perfectibility. The Circle strives for perfection and the perfectibility of everything.

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