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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Will Kat be able to handle both, or will the mystery of the cursed Hagen House remain unsolved? Get A Copy. More Details Edition Language. Main Street Witches 1. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Here Comes The Witch , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 09, Coco. After recently finishing up the Banshee Creek series and wanting more of this humorous, quirky town and its living, living from the beyond, and monster residences, I was thrilled to see there was a spin-off series with a bit more magic to make the romance interesting. It is technically the first book in a new series, but it is my humble opinion that the reader will enjoy th After recently finishing up the Banshee Creek series and wanting more of this humorous, quirky town and its living, living from the beyond, and monster residences, I was thrilled to see there was a spin-off series with a bit more magic to make the romance interesting.

It is technically the first book in a new series, but it is my humble opinion that the reader will enjoy this more by starting with the Banshee Creek series. The hero, Liam Hagan, and several of the other characters crossover from that series as does the background for this new story.

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Kat Ramos dreams of opening a store for her hand-made jewelry in her home town, The Bronx. To achieve this, she is willing to take Liam Hagan from Banshee Creek up on his weird and interesting business offer. Liam owns a cursed house that he can't sell until he gets the curse lifted.

By doing some research he figures out that descendants of both her family and his family lines must marry and live in the old Hagan place. Liam figures a year will do the trick then he will sell the house and give her half the money. In the meantime, he agrees that she can set up her jewelry making and sell in Banshee Creek.


But, as with anything else in this town, its not that simple. Liam and Kat learn that there is more to the curse than he thought and they have to get answers about that past doomed love affair before they are in the clear. In the meantime, their business match is starting to heat up, weird things start to happen at the house, a mysterious local herb woman thinks Kat is the real deal like her witch ancestors, and the locals are hosting a Chinese Ghost Party Festival.

Welcome to Banshee Creek, Kat! This read easily and quickly.

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It was fun and engaging from the get-go. Kat has a lot thrown at her, but she takes it on like a pro. I loved the low drama from Liam and Kat since the story already had plenty with the history of the curse, Kat figuring out if she's a real witch, and Kat working out that her dreams might have changed after she gets immersed into life in Banshee Creek.

I loved the familiar scenes with long-time characters and I do mean characters , crazy town happenings, the paranormal crew led by Caine, and seeing poor Liam finally get a chance to do something about the family cursed house. All in all, I had a good old time and can't wait to keep going with the series and meet the next Main Street Witch in Banshee Creek.

Paranormal Romance and romantic comedy fans are a good bet for this book and the series. My thanks to Lola's Blog Tours for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. Sep 14, John rated it it was ok Shelves: urban-fantasy , paranormal-romance , own , supernatural , new-release , mystery. What's Good: like it says, it's a light, cozy sorta mystery. As a spinoff from the Banshee Creek series, the characters and setting should be readily familiar to those fans. You'll enjoy whenever they make an appearance. I also liked the diversity of the town; lots of myth and lore from across the world and a studious avoidance of the same old stale Wiccan-only focus.

Amy Chan, proprietor of the local chinese restaurant, was the best character and needed much more screentime. Hopefully this'll happen in future books. What's Bad: see above. Even though it's a spinoff, so much is invested in building up the backstory, characters and squeezing in more magickal mumbo-jumbo than necessary it comes damn close to putting you off. There's a limit to this kind of stuff; a lot of it felt like filler to pad things out because there isn't a whole lot to this 'mystery' and curse- like an Anita Blake novel, after all the buildup the main plot gets wrapped up and fizzles out in about two pages.

Theres's no actual sex in the book, just lots of kissing and attempts at building sexual tension. The main characters were inconsistent; they know everything about everything that's going on Main man Liam is as sharp as a crayon. Because everyone else in the town knew all that. The female lead, Kat, ain't a whole lot better- she didn't think of any of that stuff, either.

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The moment she meets Yolanda Yoda , she immediately recognizes all the paraphenalia she's wearing and which gods it's dedicated to, yet she doesn't know jack all about casting spells and magic. She literally resorts to books like Wiccan for Dummies and Witchcraft to break the curse on the house. And it's odd that a place that's such a hotbed for verified paranormal activity that it's become a tourist spot, there's no governmental agency to monitor things.

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But maybe that's just me overthinking things. What's Left: there's lots to like and lots to scratch your head about. It gets bogged down under its own weight, which is odd for a cozy. Think of it as a book version of an episode of Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie. Here Comes the Witch is pegged as a romantic, cozy mystery. Kat arrives in town to complete her end of a deal that will both fund her long-wished-for jewelry shop and put an end to a generations-old curse on an old house.

The only catch is, she has to marry a complete stranger and live in the house with him for a year. Quite unique. I thought it added an amusing flare to the story. Overall, I loved this story and would strongly recommend it to folks who love a good romance with some magic and a few angry ghosts thrown into the mix. This review was written for my blog, I read too much!

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Apr 05, Iona Caldwell rated it it was ok. Overall: 2. I will always recommend people to read the novel and form their own opinion. How I wanted so badly to like this book. I really won't go much into the plot because the synopsis gives a good description but long story short - cursed house needs a ritual completed which just happens to be a wedding between the owner of the house and an heir to the witch who cast the spell.

Needless to say, they actually start loving each other which wasn't supposed to happen. While it was supposed to be a "cozy mystery" it read nothing like one. Usually cozies have some murder or a massive problem and something warming to help alleviate this tension. This was NOT that. It was more like a contemporary romance with a hint of supernatural.

The Hagen house was supposed to be a cursed object. Something sentient that would never let itself be sold. Here's the problem with this being the "inciting incident.

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Liam really didn't have to go back to the house and try to salvage it. Yes, it cost him some money and he would've lost some but in the end, he knew the house was dangerous and should've walked away. A strong inciting incident doesn't allow the character to choose. Frodo didn't have a choice and neither did Harry Potter. They both had to move towards their destinies, they didn't have a choice. I couldn't connect with either of the characters, the world building was shallow. The dialogue felt forced and not at all natural. Just not my cup of tea. I went into it thinking it was one thing only to find it was another.

It was disappointing. However, I do think anyone who appreciates a nice humorous, contemporary romance and love-at-first-sight will enjoy it. I'd recommend it to those readers. If you are looking for heavy paranormal activity, you're most likely not going to enjoy it. A wonderful blend Of funny and edgy! Well-written, well-paced, with lovely characters. An engaging read, and I definitely will read the next book. Read this review and more on my blog. Kat Ramos comes back to her ancestral town of Banshee Creek.